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How Pet Sitting Will Ease Your Worries

Keeping your pet happy while you’re away for long periods can be difficult. None of us want to think of our fur baby unhappy alone and bored at home while we work long hours or need to venture away for a few days.

Your pet is part of your family, and just like you wouldn’t want your child stuck in childcare for too long away from their home and toys, the same applies with your cat or dog. Having them stuck in kennels or a cattery with little to entertain them and keep them happy not only impacts on their health, but your happiness too.

When you want the best for your pet when you’re away from home, pet sitting services could be just the solution you’re looking for. With pet sitters right here in Dubai ready to take care of your furry friend as and when you need them to, your pet will be content and comfortable allowing you to be happy that they’re well cared for when you’re unable to be there for them.

Pet sitting is a cost effective and efficient way of caring for your pet in Dubai

Boarding kennels can be expensive and often book up several weeks in advance, meaning last minute travel plans or changes to working hours can be a headache when trying to arrange first class care for your pet.

Every pet is different and so it’s important that their routine isn’t disrupted too much while you’re away. A pet sitter will either stay in your home with your pet while you’re away, ensuring that their full needs are met or they will drop in several times a day to check that everything is a-ok and that your pet has all the walks and meals that they’re used to.

Some dogs struggle with separation anxiety and need to be around someone 247 but providing access to your own home or inviting a pet sitter to stay may not be the best solution. So, an alternative is dog boarding here in the UAE, which is essentially treating your pet to a mini-break of their own in the home of a pet borrower.

Some dogs struggle with separation anxiety and need to be around someone 24/7

Your pet sitter will provide you with regular updates while you’re away

Time away from your pet is difficult enough without the fear that they might not be cared for properly while you’re away. Our trusted borrowers will provide you with frequent updates and photos of your pet so you can be sure that they really are being cared for and pampered in your absence.

If you do become concerned at any point that you’re away, having your pet with a pet sitter means you can quickly put your mind to rest by directly checking in when needed and seeing the visual proof you need that all is well.

Booking with Home My Pet is simple and with a wide range of pet sitters available across the UAE, you can be sure of finding a trustworthy borrower to care for your pet as they would their own. It’s just a case of filling in the form with your location and the dates that pet sitting is required, checking out the profiles of the pet sitters available and choosing the best person to care for your pet in your own home, or theirs.

Pet sitting is a cost effective and efficient way of caring for your pet in Dubai
We’re available 247 to ensure that your pet’s care is taken care of, so if you’re looking for a pet sitter or boarding borrower to care for your furry friend, fill in the form or get in touch with us today.
HomeMyPet HomeMyPet was founded by Amy and Lee, a British couple and avid animal lovers, living in the UAE. The Nightingales have a very busy home, with two dogs, two rescue cats and a baby human! Like many families in the UAE, they travel often and after years of struggling to find trusted and affordable pet care for their beloved animals whilst away on their travels, they decided to create a much-needed community for all pet lovers in the region.