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Dog Sitting In Dubai - Picking The Perfect Sitter

Leaving your beloved canine pal with a stranger can seem like a bad idea, but just as you’d vet a babysitter to care for your child, there are ways to pick the perfect dog sitter for your family in Dubai.

Dog sitters are a super friendly bunch who do the job because they’re just as crazy about dogs and other furry pets as you are, but every individual sitter has their own characteristics, expertise and knowledge they bring to their role. The trick here is to find the perfect Dubai based dog sitter for you in terms of locality, services offered and that all-important compatibility with you and your dog too.

Know what you need from a dog sitter

Your dog is unique and so a one size fits all approach to care from a dog sitter is unlikely to be what you’re looking for. Flexibility, trustworthiness and experience are all essential attributes from a dog sitter but above all else, the willingness to listen and implement what you need them to.

You should take the time now to note down anything that’s important for your selected dog sitter to incorporate in your dog’s care now so you can check their ability to do so when needed. Consider any medical conditions and treatment your dog needs, any fixed elements of your dogs routine that can’t be missed or changed, and any anxieties or behavioural difficulties your dog may have.

Decide on your budget in advance

Dog sitters determine their rate of pay on a few factors such as experience, skills, being in demand and how much they need to earn to pay their bills. Although some dog sitters here in Dubai might offer a little flexibility with their prices, it’s better to know your budget in advance and avoid any awkward price negotiations that’ll probably leave you having to start finding the perfect dog sitter from scratch again.

All dog sitters listed at HomeMyPet state their daily rate/per service fee so you can clearly see who fits your price range before you invite them for an interview.

Take the time to interview potential dog sitters

Finding the time to interview dog sitters can be a headache, especially with the hectic lifestyles many of us have here in Dubai, but it is an essential step in finding the perfect person to care for your dog while you’re away.

Interviews don’t have to be held in person, video calling and social media have made it easier than ever to have a face-to-face conversation with someone without having to find a place to meet. Ideally you do want to introduce your dog to them in your company to check how well they get along and iron out any potential issues before they become problematic, but a screening session before this point can ensure you’re in the right direction before you get to that point.

Ask for references

One of the best ways of judging if a dog sitter will be right for you, is to see what other people are saying about them. The proof is often in the pudding so while you might see a perfect profile offering everything you’re looking for, it’s sensible to check that feedback from clients is saying the same thing.

We have a review section on our dog sitter profiles here at HomeMyPet so you can easily check on feedback and comments from happy dog sitting customers here in Dubai.

Use credible sources to find dog sitters in Dubai

Dog sitting is a career that has gained a lot of popularity over recent years and it seems that everywhere you look there’s an advert offering pet boarding in Dubai, dog walking and sitting services, and more.

As pet lovers we understand that leaving your dog in the perfect pair of hands while you’re away is essential, that’s why we created HomeMyPet. We offer a free database of dog sitters in Dubai and using our own in house verification system for added peace of mind, you can be sure of making the right decision when selecting a pet borrower for your furry friend.

Why not search our extensive database right now and take the first step to finding the perfect dog sitter for your dog in Dubai, that’ll offer the same loving care and affection as you do.

HomeMyPet HomeMyPet was founded by Amy and Lee, a British couple and avid animal lovers, living in the UAE. The Nightingales have a very busy home, with two dogs, two rescue cats and a baby human! Like many families in the UAE, they travel often and after years of struggling to find trusted and affordable pet care for their beloved animals whilst away on their travels, they decided to create a much-needed community for all pet lovers in the region.