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A Dubai Dog Walking Service Helps Prevent Obesity In Dogs

Pet obesity is rapidly becoming a problem for our beloved dogs here in Dubai, with 50% of pets at one veterinary clinic classed as obese. There are various causes of obesity in dogs from overeating through stress and boredom, lack of exercise, age and some medical conditions.

To figure out if your dog is obese, you need to look at their body shape and general condition.

Ideal weight – waist is thinner than the upper body and you can feel the ribs by gentle touch

Overweight – you can’t feel the ribs with a gentle touch, waist and upper body are the same size

Obese – can’t feel ribs without some pressure, waist and upper body are the same size, there’s an obvious distension or “barrel” shape

If you suspect that your dog is overweight or obese, book a visit to your vet to discover the cause and rule out any medical conditions that may need attention. You should also discuss the best ways for your dog to lose weight as pre-existing conditions like arthritis can mean short, frequent walks in Dubai are better for their joints than long walking sessions.

Prevention is better than the cure when it comes to weight loss

It’s always better to try to prevent your dog gaining excess weight than trying to tackle the problem when they’re already obese. Too many additional pounds can stress out their cardiovascular system, put pressure on their joints and generally makes it harder for them to have fun with their favourite activities.

If you struggle to find the time to take your dog for regular walks, then a dog walker based in your local area can be a great way to keep your dog active and have fun meeting other dogs to be social with. Dubai has a diverse range of dog walkers and pet sitters so you never have to worry about fitting in a walking session with your dog again (but your dog will hardly say no to an extra walk when you do want to spend some time with them!)

Exercise is the best way to help your furry pal drop that excess weight

Just as those with us on two legs need a carefully balanced diet and an increase in exercise to drop the excess weight, so does your canine pal. If your dog has gained those extra pounds slowly and without warning, you might wonder what’s the best way to help them get back to their ideal weight and body condition.

Many of us know that going from a daily walk commuting to work one day to a marathon the next is a bad idea, and just as we often need to follow a guided couch to 5k style programme to get our bodies used to moving again, your dog will find that easier to manage too.

Fitting in short walks for your dog may be easy to schedule into your busy diary at first, but as you build the length and frequency of those exercise sessions, you might struggle to find the time. Rather than slipping back into old habits and carrying on as you always have done, consider hiring a Dubai based dog walker to keep your dog exercising throughout the day and prevent the stress and boredom that can lead to overeating when you’re away.

Dog walking in Dubai doesn’t have to be difficult

When you work long hours or have an unpredictable schedule thanks to meetings, negotiations and last-minute work tasks that require you to be away from home, fitting in walks with your dog is a priority that often falls to the bottom of the list. We know that you love your dog and want the very best for them, so consider hiring a dog walker from your local area in Dubai to help you exercise your dog through the day allowing you to focus on those loving cuddles and play session when you’re home.

Check out our extensive database of pet sitters in Dubai that offer dog walking services in your area to help your canine pal stay happy and healthy for many years to come.

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