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9 Bizarre Things That Only A Dog Owner Will Understand

There are some things that we do without a second thought as dog owners that other people might find a tad strange. You know the kind of thing, using a special voice when talking to them and buying t-shirts at the local pet store.

There’s something special about that loving bond between you and your fur baby that just makes you do some slightly bizarre things, but it’s all good, we get it! So, how many of these fur parent things do you do?

1 - Call yourself Mum or Dad

Your dog is a family member there’s no doubt about that, so why people would find it bizarre that you refer yourself as their Mum or Dad is beyond us. We can be just as proud of our dogs learning their first command as a child’s first drawing to go on the fridge, right?

2 - Get jealous when they respond to other people

Our dog’s kisses and cuddles are just for us, right? It can be extremely uncomfortable when they seem to love a stranger on first sight and we may get jealous over this blossoming romance. Suddenly remembering you’re expecting a visitor at home is a perfectly acceptable excuse for escaping the situation and giving that green-eyed monster the slip.

2 - Give them a new hairstyle

No, we’re not talking about taking them for a pampering session at your local groomers in Dubai. It’s those times you’ve flipped back their ears or plaited their long fur and taken a photo to share their new “look”. We can’t help that they look so adorable!

4 - Hatch secret plans with your dog

No one understands you like your dog, so it’s perfectly reasonable to discuss your secret plans with them for taking over the world, wait, what? We mean planning those extra special date nights and birthday surprises of course!

5 - Sing to your dog

We all love a good sing song now and then, but go on, admit it, you love to serenade your dog too (although they might not think it’s the best idea!). Many fur parents go a step further though and make up songs about their beloved dog,

“Snuggles loves to sit in the sun, and when he doesn’t, he’ll go for a run,

Snuggles is the best and better than the rest!

We love Snuggles, yes we do and Snuggles loves us too”.

*clears throat*

swiftly moving on!

6 - Taste the dog food

Sometimes that boutique doggie chocolate bar from your local pet store just looks so darn good, you really do want to sample the goods to make sure your canine pal enjoys it too. If it’s good enough to serve to your dog then it has to be good enough for you too, right?

7 - Test their first aid response

Who hasn’t pretended to faint on the floor to see if their dog will come running to their aid? Most of the time they’ll sit there looking like you really have gone crazy because they just know you’re faking it, but it’s fun to do anyway!

8 - Use a nickname for your dog

You might have spent hours, even days thinking up the perfect name for your dog but how often do you really use it? Most of us have a nickname for our canine pal that’s used far more frequently, oh, and it probably evolves from something like snuggles, to snuggles ruggles roo woo over time too!

9 - Wear matching outfits

Holidays and dog shows might be the easiest times to wear matching outfits, but any time is ripe for wearing the same polka dotted t-shirt and cap combo. Canine fashion has some brilliant ideas right now so why wouldn’t you want to steal some of that inspiration for your own attire?

There’s nothing wrong with a little weirdness when it comes to being a fur parent, and trust us, our pet sitters here in Dubai have seen it all, so if you do something that hasn’t made our list know that you’re probably not alone.

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