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5 Things A Dubai Dog Sitter Can Do For Your Pet

Often when the word “pet sitter” springs to mind, it’s for vacations and time spent away with work, but did you know that here in Dubai a pet sitter can offer so much more for you, and your pet?

Working long hours, regular business trips and a dog with special needs can all mean leaving your furry pal behind for lengthy periods is uncomfortable for you and difficult for them too. Luckily, there are a wide range of pet sitters in Dubai that can take care of all your dogs needs while you’re away.

Walking your dog in Dubai

With the scorching hot temperatures we’re so used to in Dubai, it can be difficult slotting in a good time to take your dog for a walk that fits in your with your working hours and is cool enough for them to cope with the exercise. Sometimes, it just isn’t possible to take care of this yourself and that’s where a trusted pet sitter can come in.

Pet sitters don’t just sit around in your home to care for your pet (although that is a service they can offer), if you just need someone you can trust to drop into your home at the cool part of the day to take your furry friend out for a walk then that’s a-ok.

A pet sitter can keep your dog’s regular routine on track

One of the hardest things for your canine pal to deal with is a change in their routine. This can lead to destructive behaviour from anxiety as well as causing complications when they need to take regular medication, eat at specific times or are used to their daily 6am walk around the streets of Dubai.

Whether you select a pet sitter that drops in on your pet at set times during the day to ensure they eat on time and receive a regular play and pamper session, or you prefer to have them stay in your home while you’re away, you’re bound to find a Dubai based pet borrower that can keep their routine on track and ensure their needs are met.

Preventing boredom while you’re away

Few of us like to be left alone for long periods and your dog is no exception. Dogs are pack animals and prefer company, being alone can cause anxiety, boredom and potentially some negative behaviour.

Play and pamper sessions that keep your dog entertained and active is an important part of a pet sitters role and one they’ll be happy to keep you filled in on with regular photo updates and videos that you can enjoy while you’re away.

Pet sitters love to pamper dogs with lots of love and attention

You won’t find a pet sitter in Dubai that isn’t as crazy about dogs as you are, and they have lots of love and attention to share with your furry friend too. Browse any of our pet borrower profiles here at HomeMyPet and you’ll see a wide range of pet sitters that can offer a loving service to your dog.

Don’t worry though, your dog won’t be spoiled too much while you’re away! Any pet sitter you select to care for your dog will abide by your rules and restrictions to ensure that your dog receives the same level of care and attention that they’re used to.

Pet sitting means less stress for your pet

Dog boarding in Dubai is always an option when you’re away for a few days and want to ensure your pet’s safety and security is assured, but it can be stressful for your furry friend being surrounded by strange dogs and caregivers.

One of the key benefits of hiring a pet sitter is that your dog will be care for in their own home (or may board in the pet sitters home if you prefer). That means your dog won’t have to contend with the stress of getting to know other dogs and adjusting to a new routine when you’re not around.

Hopefully you can now see just how invaluable a pet sitter can be when it comes to ensuring your dog is well cared for, loved and attended to when you need to be away from home. Whether you need dog walking and pet care while you’re at work, or a trusted pet borrower to care for your pet for a few days, you’ll find pet sitters offering all services in our database at HomeMyPet.

HomeMyPet HomeMyPet was founded by Amy and Lee, a British couple and avid animal lovers, living in the UAE. The Nightingales have a very busy home, with two dogs, two rescue cats and a baby human! Like many families in the UAE, they travel often and after years of struggling to find trusted and affordable pet care for their beloved animals whilst away on their travels, they decided to create a much-needed community for all pet lovers in the region.