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7 Questions To Ask Your Pet Sitter

Hiring a pet sitter for your furry friend is no different to hiring a babysitter, you need to know that they are safe, reliable and that your baby will be in the best of hands while you’re away. … READ MORE

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Here at HomeMyPet we are always looking to offer unrivalled content for pet owners of the UAE, and with the launch of our new on site blog we aim to to do just that! So keep your eyes peeled for more hot topics right here in the near future!

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Preventing Your Dog's Bad Behavior While You're Gone All Day

Few of us like to be left alone for long periods, and your dog is certainly no exception. When working means having to leave your furry baby alone all day, it’s not unusual for some bad behaviour to …READ MORE

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HomeMyPet Ultimate Guide to Kennels/Pet Boarding in Dubai – Part 2

With such a wide range of boarding kennels and pet daycare centres covered in part 1 of our [Ultimate Guide to Kennels and Pet Boarding in …READ MORE

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HomeMyPet Ultimate Guide to Kennels/Pet Boarding in Dubai

It can be difficult having to leave your pet behind when you travel away for work or pleasure. Although we offer an extensive list of local pet sitters who can offer a friendly and cost-effective …READ MORE

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How Pet Sitting Will Ease Your Worries

Keeping your pet happy while you’re away for long periods can be difficult. None of us want to think of our fur baby unhappy alone and bored at home while we work long hours or need to venture away …READ MORE

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5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool In Summer

Those stiflingly hot summer temperatures are just around the corner and while most of us can relax with the air conditioning, our furry babies need a little extra help in keeping cool. Heat related …READ MORE