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Why Cats Prefer A Pet Sitter In Dubai Over Boarding

Although we think of cats as being wildly independent at times, there’s no denying that when you have to be away from them for any period, they’re not going to be able to completely care for … READ MORE

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Here at HomeMyPet we are always looking to offer unrivalled content for pet owners of the UAE, and with the launch of our new on site blog we aim to to do just that! So keep your eyes peeled for more hot topics right here in the near future!

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New Puppy? Why You Need A Dog Walker In Dubai

It’s an exciting time welcoming a new puppy to your household. Introducing your fluffy new furry friend to your home and all you have to offer is a fantastic way to start a long-lasting and special …READ MORE

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Catering To Special Needs Dogs With Dog Boarding In Dubai

Every dog owner will say that their beloved canine is special, but some dogs have additional needs that need to be catered for, including health conditions, disabilities, dietary requirements and …READ MORE

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Pet Sitting In Dubai Eliminates Boarding Anxiety

There can be a lot of anxiety about leaving your pet behind when you travel for a few days or weeks at a time. There’s anxiety for you around their health and wellbeing while you’re away, along with …READ MORE

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5 Great Reasons To Schedule Mid-Day Activities For Your Dog

When your dog is home alone most of the day, keeping them entertained, stimulated and happy can be a challenge. One question we’re often asked here at Home My Pet, is “_what can I ask a pet sitter to …READ MORE

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How To Make Your Pet Happier While You're On Vacation

One of the worries that you might have as a pet owner having to leave your furry friend behind when you go on vacation is knowing if they will be happy while you’re away. The last thing any of us want …READ MORE