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How To Make Your Pet Happier While You're On Vacation

One of the worries that you might have as a pet owner having to leave your furry friend behind when you go on vacation is knowing if they will be happy while you’re away. The last thing any of us want … READ MORE

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Here at HomeMyPet we are always looking to offer unrivalled content for pet owners of the UAE, and with the launch of our new on site blog we aim to to do just that! So keep your eyes peeled for more hot topics right here in the near future!

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Why Pet Boarding In Dubai Is Better With A Personal Touch

Knowing how to care for your pet when you need to be away from home can be difficult. Do you trust friends and neighbours to “look in” and hope your furry friend is ok in the meantime, or do you pack …READ MORE

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7 Questions To Ask Your Pet Sitter

Hiring a pet sitter for your furry friend is no different to hiring a babysitter, you need to know that they are safe, reliable and that your baby will be in the best of hands while you’re away. …READ MORE

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Dog Sitting In Dubai - Picking The Perfect Sitter

Leaving your beloved canine pal with a stranger can seem like a bad idea, but just as you’d vet a babysitter to care for your child, there are ways to pick the perfect dog sitter for your family in …READ MORE

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5 Things Your Dog Wishes They Could Tell You

We all wish we could talk to our dogs and understand what they’re trying to tell us. Although they’re good at giving us clues with their barks, howls and behaviour, sometimes we’re not so good at …READ MORE

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9 Bizarre Things That Only A Dog Owner Will Understand

There are some things that we do without a second thought as dog owners that other people might find a tad strange. You know the kind of thing, using a special voice when talking to them and buying …READ MORE